We have hacked your website , be aware احذروا هذه الرسالة

احذروا من مثل هذه الرسائل، يتم اخباركم انه قد تم اختراق موقعكم وان عليكم دفع مبلغ مالي لتجنب الاضرار بسمعة موقعكم.

Beware of such messages, you are told that your site has been hacked and that you must pay a sum of money to avoid harming the reputation of your site.

نصيحتي بحسب خبرتي : My advice (based on my experience , i may be wrong)

ان كان لديك معلومات وبيانات عملاء مهمة، قم باستشارة خبير امني مختص لكيفية تأمين بيانات موقعك وعملائك. وكيفية التعامل مع هذه الرسالة.

وإن كنت لا تملك بيانات عملاء مهمة على موقعك، فقط قم بتأمين موقعك والتأكد من تحديث كلمة السر الخاصة بك، وتفعيل التحقق بخطوتين ، ومن ثم تجاهل الرسالة.

Beware of such messages, you are told that your site has been hacked and that you must pay a sum of money to avoid harming the reputation of your site My advice based on my experience: If you have important customer information and data, consult a specialized security expert on how to secure your site and customer data. And how to deal with this message.
And if you don't have important customer data on your site, just secure your site, make sure your password is updated, make sure 2-step verification is enabled, and then ignore the message.

_______________ message نص الرسالة ________________

We have hacked your website ْand extracted your databases. This was due to the security holes you had in your your site/server which have gained us remote control of pretty much everything that was on the server.

Our team is mostly interested in customer, administrative, and employee information which we have extracted through your databases once we got remote control over the server. It still needs to be sorted out but it will be well-organized once finished. First, we will be going through the emails/sms information and contacting the recipient how you held in disregard about their information being exposed to a hacking group when you could have stopped it. This would be detrimental to your personal image with these relationships with these people. Lastly, now that we have information not only will we be monetizing off it with our methods but made public or sold to other people that will do whatever they wish with the information also after we are done.

Now you can put a stop to this by paying a $3000 fee (0.11 BTC) in bitcoin to the address 3AStTtS3JJ1KxGnaFbRC5u4EpQ3nZpJ4TH We will be notified of payment which we will then delete the information we have obtained, patch the hole in the site/server which we got in and remove you from any future targeting in the future. You have 72 hours in doing so after viewing this message or the series of steps will commence. You can obtain bitcoin through such services such as paxful.com or do a search on bing.com

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